Omnimantia EP [remix​/​master 2010]

by Aarni

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An enhanced version of the already pretty good-sounding release from 2008. The songs have been remixed and mastered in much the same way as 'Bathos [remaster 2010]', meaning they should now sound cleaner and more pleasing to the listener's nervous system. The Skepticism cover track 'Untitled' has perhaps seen the most radical makeover (hopefully for the better) with brand new drums & cleaner overall mix. The album download might also contain bonus stuff, who knows?


released June 2, 2010


all rights reserved



Aarni Oulu, Finland

Aarni has of course always existed, but the current incarnation's story began in the autumn of 1998 E.V. when M.·.M.·. suddenly began solitarily developing his vague musical ideas further. He got telepathetic messages from the unicorn dolphin elder of Sirius B, who begged M.·.M.·. to reawaken the ancient Xothian aural technology tradition called 'aarni'.
Soon other dodgy entities joined him. Grok?
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Track Name: Rat King
Walking through the streets of Prague in 1586
Lost in faith you fondle your crucifix
Suddenly a furry wheel comes rolling down the street
You shake and fart at its filthy majesty

How the rats smell like poo! What would Jesus do?
No use saying Mass when rodents harass your ass!

Vermin crawl now on your beer belly
Evoken by the Magick of Dee and Kelley

Ave rex rattus!
Hail the rat king!
Rodents in your mind
Rats in your behind

Septic claws rend, yellow teeth bite
Beady eyes they glow with Enochian might
Covered in rats, with prayerful rants
You make a brown golem in your pants

Rat king flesh eats
Your blood down seeps
You feel a change vague
Like contracting the Plague

Knowing your human life was a lie
A rat you'll become after you die

Ave rex rattus!
Hail the rat king!
Rodents in your mind
Rats in your behind

Transformed in your coffin, you regain your sight
Seeing the Tunnel at the End of the Light
Risen from the grave, you join the furry band
Devouring Christians you frolic through the land!
Track Name: Dimwa Depenga

Anokquz jechovog bakug cho deaxchave,
Dibuq gerunghowtheran bagngalsen toterytts!
Culukeh mukada dicom mangeif achichjech acua.

Dimwa depenga

Chaziter utok foddabwith
Deggot fach fiacopa bhismwaha
ongothawas harbebeden phengwey nowing'ng.

Dimwa depenga

Oloatirve uchispay aluhalen cho najoqaen
sonpebreith chindetser hocid qyopal zatech.

[English translation:]

Banish with laughter, idiot wyrd of excrement.
Doom away, musical Nightgaunts!
Beautiful slime, see widdershins like inorganic.

Beam faceless

Coincidence almost invariably stochastic.
Today we penetrate aether whichever
vortex leaping toward multiversum.

Beam faceless

Make likely offering of polygonal seas
underneath midnight illuminating happiness.
Track Name: This Is Not A Mask
We seek the face behind the masks of existence and non-existence
Yet, behind the innermost mask, we find stark emptiness.

Yet...this is not a mask

In this masquerade we wear masks over our masks
Yet, behind the innermost mask, we find stark emptiness.

Yet...this is not a mask

The King In Yellow in us asks:
"Can you see the masquerade for the masks?"

Yet...this is not a mask
You are now free
Track Name: 'Untitled' [Skepticism cover]
Da ist Klarheit im Chaos, suche du das Auge des Wirbelsturmes.

Ewige Blumenkraft und Fliegende Kinderscheiße
Tiefer, noch einmal!

Sei du nicht verlaßen in den Geboten der Ordnung
Der Aufruhr des Einhandklatschens - zürst muß Ich euch mit Elfenstaub besprenkeln

Sagt dem beschränkten Menschenvolk, daß bis zu jenem Zeitpunkt, da sie gesetze erschaffen, es keine gesetze gibt

Es ist mein aufrichtiger Glaube, daß es ein Fehler ist, einen aufrichtigne Glauben zu haben
Das Gesetz der fünf ist niemals falsch. King Kong starb für deine Sünden!

Finde die Göttin Eris in deiner Zirbeldrüse
Mord sagt, daß Omar sagt, das wir alle sowieso Einhörner sind.

Sie das Eschaton immanentisieren!
Alles ist wahr, alles ist erlaubbar!

Heute die Welt, morgen das Sonnensystem
Track Name: Verivaikerrus / Hurmehanki [Thergothon cover]
Suruhuudot särkyvät
metsästä kaikaavat
kyyneleet tippuvat
perässäni punapolku

Itsen ikitalvi
hyytyvä hurmehanki

Terä terävin, terä hyytävin
hokekoot henget haltijaani
polte jään ihollani
kiemurtelen kylmissäni

Yösiivet kutsuu
vaikeroi viima
sisintä hyytää

Yösiivet kutsuu
vaikeroi viima
sisintä hyytää
ympärillä hurmehanki
hyytävä hyytyvä hurmehanki
Track Name: Lovecraft Knew
Every man is an island, an island of ignorance; it was not meant that we should voyage far. Islands of ignorance...

We are a mere horde of apes (bunch of simian fucks) and it was not meant that we should voyage far; our emptiness screams at the very stars.

Under the rule of the Great Old Ones

Frosty from the interstellar void, undescribable presences loom overhead; liberated mankind fucking and killing in mirth.

Under the rule of the Great Old Ones

Their titanic masses tip our planet's axis; cyclopean storms and monstrous waves come crashing.

Under the rule of the Great Old Ones

At last tectonic convulsions mark the end of terrene life.

Under the rule of the Great Old Ones

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