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Bathos [remaster 2010]

by Aarni

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Gon))) thumbnail
Gon))) Original hasta decir basta, tanto en concepto como en ejecución. No hay mucho más que decir; es un disco que sorprende si no sabes qué esperar de él. El músico detrás de este proyecto (formado por varios miembros imaginarios y sólo uno real, según sus propias palabras) sabe lo que quiere hacer, y lo hace bien. Más que bien. Favorite track: The Thunder, Perfect Mindfuck.
arthropox thumbnail
arthropox So, this has to be one of the coolest albums I've ever listened to. Glad I stumbled onto this. Favorite track: Niut Net Meru.
Dr_Evil thumbnail
Dr_Evil Loved the original, curious of the improvements. Being audiophile and all.... Also I buried something in the forest, did you find it? Favorite track: Oneiroskopos.
Oneiroskopos 01:34
The first matter, The salt of salts, Celestial water dissolves The subtlest fluid sustains The burning of sulphur. Squaring the circle, Spirit and matter Driving the triumphal chariot, Scattering treasures for the world Blackening to become whitened, Transmutation accomplished. Squaring the circle, Zero equals two Aliquem alium intermum, quadratura circuli The blood of the lion, the eagle's tears, Result in the stone of millions of years. Squaring the circle, solve et coagula Omne superius sicut inferius
Again I decorate Inca tiara geode (eradication age) Ian ate goad rice (acid rain goatee) Coniuratio Quinotauri Conspiratio Quinotauri Radiate coinage Organic idea tea (ironic adage tea) Agendo iacit aer (actia nigro deae) Coniuratio Quinotauri Conspiratio Quinotauri Cognate air aide Adagio acne rite (orgia e cadentia) Ite Diana graeco (conditae graiae)
Kivijumala 11:43
Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas, the inner becomes the outer. In my nekromanteion I summoned a son of smokeless fire. The rebis transmutates into azoth, the pull of Ahriman is overcome. Visita interiora terrae rectificandoque invenies occultum lapidem. In the psychotronic model of reality telluric power is valid. Harness it, treasure it, in a hypnagogic state of mind. Trapped in the space-time continuum, Nympholeptic for the numinous.
I am the unlearned and they can learn from me, I am shame and I am boldness. I am the shameless and I am ashamed, I am knowledge and I am ignorance. I am falsehood and I am truth, I am the ruler of my offspring and my power is from them. Whatever I will happens to me. What you see outside you, you see inside you, It's visible and it's your garment. In my weakness don't forsake me, Don't be afraid of my power. I am the knowledge of my inquiry. I am the one whose image is great And I am the one who has no image. I am the first and the last, I am the utterance of my name. Nothing is true and everything is permitted in our observer-created universe. Thought is the sickness of the human mind and knowledge is the reward of action. Let our every act be towards personal and collective liberation! Accept nothing, assume nothing. Always question authority - especially your own. Matter imprisons the spirit to force it into an effort to free itself. The instant you speak about a thing, you miss the mark. Now that I have shed my skin completely, One true reality alone exists. Out of the gravity-well of Hiidenvuori rises the crowned Kundalini DNA fire-serpent to the stars. Its each mirror-like scale the history of a sentinent species. Making again for the first time its cosmic trip to the all-source. Ride the snake.
Mental Fugue 06:49
[translated from the Old/Middle Kingdom Egyptian] CITY OF THE PYRAMIDS Thine is the land and glory and greatness forever, forsooth. Dua-mutef, Qebeh-senuef, Imseti, Khapi. Everyone is a star. Behold! A sphere of stars. Great is the great one whose great ones are great. Thine is the land and glory and greatness forever, forsooth. I was a barge without a rudder, loaded with woe. Then I was put on the island of Myself by a wave of the Sea of Life. There I discovered a snake; then I was illuminated. I saw it was a great secret; they will learn his terror is great. "Behold!", said a voice, "This is Seth, the God of Confusion. Thou art to be a priest of this god and thy name shall be Ni-Khet-Maat." I spent five days alone and everything belonged to me when I was in solitude. I learned that life is probably a cycle and the monument of man is his goodness. This god addressed me friendlily, as I was like a man seized in pitch black. My soul had gone, my body trembled. My heart was no longer in my body. "Light in extension! No-one is born wise, don't be arrogant about thy knowledge nor trust that thou art one who knoweth." "Behold, the age of Osiris is over. Hail to thee, Crowned and Conquering Child! Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law; love is the law, love under will." Osiris is a black god. Then I made my way at night across the desert to the City of Pyramids and Scarlet Woman. Now I shall truly live, I shall truly exist. Osiris is a black god.
Kesäyö 09:04


Aarni's celebrated debut full length album 'Bathos' was first released in 2004 e.v. This improved version has been remastered in 2010 e.v. from the original session mixdowns, removing excessive bottom end and midrange as well as featuring a much nicer overall harmonic balance, stereo expansion and more sensible compression settings. In other words, this version sounds clearer, more natural and generally more pleasing than the original CD release with its unfortunately dodgy "loudness war" mastering.


released May 9, 2010

AARNI at times appears as:

Master Warjomaa - intuition & xothian kantele
Comte de Saint-Germain - sensation & keys to secrets
Doomintroll - feeling & sense of fashion
Mrs. Palm - thinking & fuck-ups

Guest starring:
Genius Albert Frankenstein - main vocals on "Quinotaurus" and "Vitriol"
Rhesus Christ - most (but not all) drums

All music and lyrics invented or stolen by Markus Marjomaa
Produced by Aarni, co-production by Rhesus Christ
Recorded and mixed by Aarni at Doominvalley Studios. Remastered by M.W. at Doominvalley Studios in 2010 e.v.

Album cover artwork by Tuomas Mäkelä
Artwork for "Niut Net Meru" by M. Marjomaa and Kaisa Vehkaperä
CD covers and booklet layout & general image manipulation & artwork for "Kivijumala" and "Kesäyö" by Aslak Tolonen

All responsibility is hereby transferred from Aarni to the listener

Aarni bends over for the following worthies: our families, Antti "en valinnut tietäni" Oikarinen, Arto "insinööri-höböttö" Nokela, Ville "Vilpir goikor" Vierimaa & fellow Umbrella bumboyz, Herr Rautio und Mein Schamefül, Kostas The Liberace of Doom & Pant-heist, R'yanh & Neekkare, Tuomas McElä & Jääpoke, Olec and Rodrigo & Sea Of Pigs, Mark & Tit-Urnal, Aslak "Tuomio-orava" Tolonen & Nest, Stephen "Magister MIA" Burrell, Ralph Pothead & The 11th Rum, Black Sabbath, Camel, Aarni, Ozric Tentacles, Joe Satriani, King Diamond, Opeth, Daniel & Lake Of Tears, Piirpauke, Pekka Pohjola, Tenhi, Hawkwind, Gong, Rob Hubbard, Michael Land, Robert Anton Wilson, Phil Hine, Christopher S. Hyatt, Peter Carroll, Israel Regardie, Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley, Oswald Wirth, Hakim Bey, Malaclypse The Younger, Lon Milo DuQuette, Grant Morrison, Pope Ni-Khet-Maat V, Herra Herraviha & Eugen Schaumann Kuoli Puolestasi Seura, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Elias Lönnrot, Eino Leino, Risto Santavuori, Timo Heikkilä, Veltto Virtanen, Antero Alli, William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Terence McKenna, H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, C.G. Jung, Wilhelm Reich, F. Nietzsche, William Blake, Michael Moorcock, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, H.R. Giger, Salvador Dali, David Lynch, Monty Python's Flying Circus, David Cronenberg, Patrick McGoohan, Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmonson, Tove Jansson, Pekka Kapusta & Karvamartat, Ragnar Tørnquist, Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert, Simon Woodroffe, Charles Ryan, all the zines & websites & retards that have supported us, everyone we forgot. Lopuksi iso käsi haltijavoimille.

For further information, lyric translations and divers excrement visit WWW.AARNI.INFO

Aarni is a member of the Square Of Untr00 Doom.


all rights reserved



Aarni Oulu, Finland

Aarni has of course always existed, but the current incarnation's story began in the autumn of 1998 e.v. when M.·.M.·. suddenly began solitarily developing his vague musical ideas further. He got telepathetic messages from the unicorn dolphin elder of Sirius B, who begged M.·.M.·. to reawaken the ancient Xothian aural technology tradition called 'aarni'.
Soon other dodgy entities joined him. Grok?
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